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88 days of russian invasion

How to be brave like Ukraine

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The truth is that many people have learned about the existence of Ukraine only since the war started.

Today nobody doubts that Ukraine is not the same as russia, as well as the fact that we neither have, nor ever will be brotherly nations with it.

During the war, you read plenty about ukraine, but you still have a lot of questions.

Soooo we prepared a guide. We are an online university Choice31 teaching new professions. We know how it is to build everything from scratch, lose the usual rhythm of life and rise from the ashes. Just like Ukraine.

Together with Banda Agency, which created the brand Bravery to be Ukraine, and with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and many-many experts, we reveal the secret of Ukrainian courage.

We explain, why Ukraine is called a brave nation. Through history, cultural code, business, and politics, and in every lesson, you will find the answer:

How to be brave like Ukraine?

This guide is the virtual journey to Ukraine. Fasten your seatbelts and be ready to dive into Ukrainian history, because history is cyclic.

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