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Outstanding figures and science

Author: Vladyslav Havrylov

The Ukrainian nation has several well-known scientists who have glorified the country in various fields, both in the technical and natural areas of knowledge and in the social sciences and humanities. The scientific community, natives of Ukraine, is known for its achievements and unique inventions in Central, South-Eastern, and Western Europe. Many scientists have glorified our country on the North American continent. So, to reflect the significant role of Ukrainians in the development of scientific research, let's name what exactly Ukraine is remembered for in the eyes of the world academic community.

Technical and natural sciences

Technical and natural sciences are one of the leading and influential fields, where scientists who have paved the way for science in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and other cities have played a significant role.
First of all, we should mention these scientists: Eugene and Borys Paton, Victor Glushkov, academician of cybernetics, Ihor Sikorsky, the inventor of the helicopter, Peter Banych, the physicist and inventor of the mobile glucometer to determine blood sugar, Anatoly Malykhin, the professor of medicine and inventor of the device, shows the patient’s 131 health indicators.

Eugene and Borys Paton are one of the most famous engineers in the world.
A school of bridge builders has been created thanks to the work of Eugene Paton. It led to the creation of the project and the building of the world's first 1.5 km long all-welded bridge.

His son, Borys, invented the technology of electric welding of soft tissues during surgery, which was a success in hundreds of thousands of operations and reduced the patient's blood loss by 2.5 times.

Academician Viktor Glushkov built a system of effective human-machine interaction and became the founder of the Ukrainian IT industry. He was one of the developers of applied technologies that preceded the creation of artificial intelligence and created automated process control systems that had no analogs.

Prominent aircraft designer from Kyiv, Ihor Sikorsky, created the world's first four-engine heavy aircraft, the first helicopter, and amphibious aircraft.

Academician Bogomolets made unique discoveries in the medical field in his works on immunity, allergies, and the body's ability to resist disease. The outstanding surgeon Nikolai Amosov had achievements in cardiac surgery.
More details about Ukrainian scientists in this video in English:


Ukraine is famous for being well-known scholarly historians and polyglot philologists.
The history of Ukraine is reflected in the fundamental and one of the first studies of Professor Mykhailo Hrushevsky, and oriental studies are vividly represented by Agatangel Krymsky, a polyglot who mastered more than 50 languages by the end of his life.

Inventions of Ukrainians used by the whole world

The inventor of the first helicopter is Igor Sikorsky, a Kyiv aircraft designer who emigrated to the United States. In 1931, he patented the design of a machine with two propellers - horizontal on the roof and vertical on the tail.

In 1939, Sikorsky himself tested the experimental helicopter VS-300 (S-46), and in 1942 his helicopter XR-4 (VS-316) was adopted by the US Army. After the war, Sikorski's firm became a recognized leader around the world.

For more than half a century, all US presidents have used the services of Sikorsky's helicopters. And numerous modifications of the S-58 helicopter have been used in almost 50 countries around the world.

Gas lamp

The kerosene-burning lamp was created in 1853 by Lviv pharmacists Ignatius Lukasevich and Jan Zech. Kerosene lamp was widely used until the first half of the 20th century - until it was replaced by the development of electric lighting. Now the lamp is used in electrified areas or hikes.

By the way, at the same time with the lamp also invented a new method of obtaining kerosene by distillation and refining of oil.


Ukrainian Ivan Pulyuy designed a tube 14 years before the German Wilhelm Roentgen, which later became the prototype of modern X-ray machines. He analyzed the nature and mechanisms of rays much more deeply than X-rays, and also demonstrated their essence by examples. Ivan Pulyuy was the first in the world to take an X-ray of the human skeleton.

The first electric tram

Fedor Pirotsky presented a tram to the world. It was this inventor from the Cossack family who invented the electrified system, which he then introduced into everyday life together with Karl Heinrich von Siemens. And today the tram is one of the best and most environmentally friendly modes of transport, which is adored by urban experts from around the world.

In the collage below - Fedor Pirotsky and his invention.

Rocket engine and the first satellite of the Earth

Rockets take off around the world thanks to the invention of Ukrainian Sergei Korolev. No wonder he is called the founder of astronautics, because it was Korolev who invented the rocket engine.

While still a student, a young man from Zhytomyr met scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and "fell ill" in space. Korolyov wanted humanity to get to other planets so much that in the end he succeeded despite the mockery of Soviet officials, Stalinist repression and the Gulag.

In 1931, he and his colleague Friedrich Zander managed to create a public organization for the study of jet propulsion, which later became the state research and development laboratory for the development of rocket aircraft. In 1957, Korolev launched into orbit the first artificial satellite in Earth's history.


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