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Business in Ukraine

Author: Julya Guzenko

In Ukraine, we do not say work-life balance. We say war-life balance.

Business in Ukraine is an approach where every entrepreneur puts 30% of risk into his plan because no one can know what will happen next.
Starting your own business, the Ukrainian is trained to the maximum, looking for new ways to profit in the most challenging conditions when you do not know what will spoil the next moment – a coronavirus pandemic, another economic crisis, or war.

Ukrainians worldwide are called a hard-working nation, which is not surprising. Because Ukrainians take on a new job defiantly and work honestly on conscience, with complete dedication and a sense of responsibility. You can ensure that everything will be done at the highest level when starting a new business with us. Because every Ukrainian knows – who but him?

Why are Ukrainians called a hard-working nation?

Ukraine ranks first among European countries in the number of citizens who work abroad.

Ukrainians in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Lithuania have always been most eager for job vacancies, with more than half a million responding to employment abroad.

The Czech Republic, for example, has increased the number of vacancies for Ukrainian workers and invites only Ukrainians to work. Ukrainians never refuse work that can bring them profit, from the driver, cook, and waiter to berry pickers and packers.

Ukrainian builders are especially valued in the world.

How can we not call people a working nation, when even companies in times of financial crisis, coronavirus epidemics, when a business can not work as before – come up with new and new options just to stay afloat.

How did Ukrainian businesses survive the quarantine that closed most firms and companies?

For example, the furniture company Drommel abandoned showrooms and started selling furniture online, Banda Agency cut salaries and found customers abroad, the Planeta Kino cinema chain held screenings in the backyard, and restaurants switched their establishments to exclusive delivery and expanded delivery coverage areas to the maximum.

Characteristics and qualities of Ukrainians that are valued in the world?

Researchers of the Ukrainian national character almost unanimously believe that the soul and psyche of Ukrainians are humanitarian. The portrait of the "generalized" Ukrainian is something like this: by nature – an introvert immersed in the inner world.

He lives and is guided in his actions by heart, feelings, and immediacy, not by rational guidelines. Ukrainians are active internally but externally quite passive because they do not want to interfere in the established order of the world and nature.
On the other hand, Ukrainians have long been characterized by diligence, resourcefulness, hospitality, and friendliness.

Examples of outstanding Ukrainian businesses

Ukrainian business experience in Europe. Today it is possible to find various goods and services abroad marked "made in Ukraine". However, not all are sold with Ukrainian labels. They occupy different niches – both cheap goods and the premium segment.

Recipes for success are varied. Most start with participating in exhibitions. However, you can find a buyer online. And you can sell the franchise, the brand itself. Another way is to cooperate with foreign partners.


PassivDom – the world's first fully autonomous house powered exclusively by solar energy – was developed in Ukraine. It can be built in one day, installed on any land, and, if desired, transported to another point in a few hours. The client orders a house in the morning, and in the evening, he settles in it.

Ukrainian drones are flying in Europe.
To develop the European market, the Ukrainian company, Kyiv, established a joint venture based on two Latvian companies. The Riga office distributes Ukrainian technological developments in 15 countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. They work on the principle of white-label when it is allowed not to use the Ukrainian brand. They supply drones and a whole complex – aircraft, training, technical support, data processing, and visualization services.

Not quite Poltava brands.
Mexx, Franken Walder, Basler, Frank Henke Mode and other European companies sew clothes in Poltava. Thanks to low prices compared to European ones and convenient location compared to Asian ones, the EuroStyle factory could conquer European markets. The growth of orders was also facilitated by the withdrawal of EU countries from the crisis.
The factory carries out a complete production cycle. They created a collection of clothes for "Euro 2012" for German football fans.

«Nova Poshta»

Nova Poshta is the largest Ukrainian logistics company that provides express delivery of documents, cargo, and parcels. They have more than 7,000 branches throughout Ukraine.
In 2020, the company opened another 1,300 branches and began accepting ID passports and e-passports from customers in the "Action" application. They also launched parcel delivery to the United States and China and international money transfers.
Currently, Nova Poshta ranks first in Ukraine in terms of convenience, simplicity, and speed of delivery.

Netpeak Group

Netpeak is a Ukrainian internet marketing agency, one of the largest in Eastern Europe. It was established in 2006 in Odessa. The company has offices in Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, and Kazakhstan.

An operating platform and cultural environment that builds the group's existing businesses and allows new IT companies to be launched to grow the economy and achieve a "third world to first" mission

The Netpeak Group includes marketing agencies, food companies, social projects, and conference organizers.
It is Google's largest premier partner.
In 2020, Netpeak became a premium partner of Facebook.
Also, in 2020, Netpeak became the best contextual advertising agency and the best performance agency in Ukraine according to IAB Ukraine and the best internet marketing agency and the best SEO agency in Ukraine according to Runet Rating.


Rozetka is the largest Ukrainian online store selling over 3.9 million products.
In 2020, the online store introduced its own brand RZTK: it sells home appliances, tools, and electrical appliances. Rozetka also launched a franchise and opened the first cafe on Khreshchatyk.
Chechetkin took 14th place in the ranking of "Top 100 richest Ukrainians" according to NV.

Business assistance to Ukraine during the war

After the Russian attack on February 24, many companies came out in support of Ukraine. In addition to words of support, they transfer funds to various funds or directly help volunteers or the military.
Even small and medium-sized businesses started working during the war and helping Ukrainians.

Restaurants – prepare free food for the military and volunteers.


During the entire period of the program, Ciklum specialists contributed about $ 800,000. Last year alone, the program raised more than $ 55,000, and in the first month of this year – more than $ 10,000. . Many employees join private initiatives and charities.


L’Oréal Group: € 5 million in humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion and war in our country, L’Oréal Ukraine has made every effort to support its employees and provide Ukrainians with hygiene products.

How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine?
How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine? How to be brave like Ukraine?

It's never giving up.

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Strong Areas of Ukraine

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